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Good day all.

I’m currently reading Bertrand Russell’s ‘sceptical essays’; a charity shop find (as most of my books are) which I’m properly enjoying.

There’s just one problem… It’s fallen apart.

And I don’t just mean it’s lost a page or two. I mean it’s in around four pieces at present. 

That’s the problem with charity shop finds sometimes, particularly something as esoteric as this collection. They’re old, dried out and haven’t been opened in years, ie they fucking shed their wholeness within a couple of hours of reading. 

Obviously this has many, very apparent, drawbacks. How do you stop pages getting damaged? How do you hold the thing? How do you store it? Transportation? Seriously, its a massive fucking hole of issues.

So you’d understand if I was pissed off, right? 

This is the thing, I’m not pissed off. Not even a little bit. 

I’m dealing with some of the difficulties; a sandwich bag keeps it together and careful holding keeps me reading. Ok, I’m unsure what to do when its time to go back in the bookshelf, but hey, fuck it. I’ll deal with that when necessary. 

In fact, I’m rather enamoured with my fallen apart book. It’s a signifier of its life; bought by someone close to it’s publish date (I don’t think this collection exists in this form, I’m not even sure the publishing imprint exists) it was read (I assume) then languished on a book shelf for decades until it ended up in a charity shop, probably because it’s owner died, and then my beady little eyes found it. 

This book now exists in its own right very definitevely from its abstract concepts. It is Bettrand Russel’s writings and it is not Bertrand Russell’s writings; it is a physical upsurge which carried with it a very definite sense of something-dom. That something-dom is still a subjective enterprise. For me it’s ‘my book’, a broken reminder of the time I spent reading it, a harbinger of what period of my life I inhaled its inner workings. It is a thing of beauty.

I guess this relates to that Star Trekkin’ series of articles I wrote here (a series which, I swear, is not dead… ) 

Hell, if you cant see the parallels with our tabletop gaming nerdery then you should probably stop reading this blog! 

Now, I’m off to fix some Battlefleet Gothic ships…

Sigmund Freud judges those that can’t comprehend the beauty of a physical manifestation of an abstract reality!


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