They only went and bloody did it!

Bifur here and have I got news for you…Well boys and girls this is indeed exciting news! Our favourite villainous games company, the ever dominant Games-Workshop, have apparently been listening to us, their long suffering fan base. As most of you should know they recently release the Generals Handbook for Age of Sigmar and this contains three different ways to play the game: Open play, Narrative play and Matched play. Its the latter of these that’s caused the most consternation, cos it contains POINTS VALUES FOR THE UNITS!!!
That’s right, actual factual points values. Just what we, both the community as a whole and this blog, asked for… I’m actually quite excited to give it a go, so stand by for full review and battle reports…

Not only is it an exciting looking book, packed with rules and scenario ideas, but it’s cheap too, about £12 from Dark Sphere, so naturally I also bought the Storm of Sigmar starter set, another bargain at around £16, a good handful of gorgeous looking Sigmarines and their chaotic buddies, some dice and a mini rulebook. This rulebook contains some scenarios to play through with the content of the box and I may just have to bully Dwalin into joining me testing these out.


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