Bushido: Cult of Yurei 

Morning people, Bifur here. Its been a while since I’ve managed to get on here and yet again I find myself promising to try and past more, we shall see…

Anyway, before I start whining about the reasons I don’t post let me share the following with you; I’ve started playing Bushido! And by that I mean I’ve downloaded the rules, played one game and run out (to ebay, no actual running obviously)  and bought me a force for the game. Who did I get? The Cult of Yurei of course. If there’s an undead faction for a game you can pretty much guarantee that’s the one I’m going to go for…

So models bought, assembled and here is a little work in progress:

(the building is from the ttcombat range, from Troll Trader)

These miniatures are a joy to paint, normally I hate painting metal but these are great. Excellent detail and great posing. More pictures to follow when I actually manage to get them finished and maybe a full review of the game and battle reports if I can find me some opponents…

For now, more pics…

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