Da Boyz go to WAR!

Bifgrab Ur Dregnaz Warlord of the Seven Tribes and Krusha of empires of the umies watched the Imperial tank boyz finish off the last of the green armoured umies from the shade of a rocky outcrop. He grinned widely at the destruction playing out before him but he felt the pang of jealousy that he and his ladz weren’t down in amongst it all or picking over all the choice scrap left at the end of the battle. Still, thought Bifgrab, theres plentyof tanks left, give em a day or two for the imperials to sort their tanks out, beat out the dents and repaint, just in time for his boyz to smash them to pieces and nick all the best gear. Bifgrab had Stompas to build and Imperial tanks had plenty of nice bitz…. Besides he’s seen that imperial Warboss causing death and destruction and he quite fancied pulling the turret off his tank and eating his face…

Thats right folks, my opponent from my last battle has offered me a rematch and I thought… its Ork time! and why not? time for them to have an outing. Also lets all remember that it is an established fact that Orks never looses, even when they do.

Onward to the field of battle and once we’ve finished stomping them into scrap we’ll steal it all and then build new war machines out of it to bring the Empires of the umies to their knees. Or die trying…

Some pics of the clan massing –

Librarian Torva Tenebris Mors Mortis was also smiling as he observed the gigantic armoured Ork observing the men of the Vessen 409th readying themselves to move after the recent run in with his Dark Angel battle brothers. Revenge could be brought about in so many ways, in this case let those dumb brutish Orks soften up the Guard. The Dark Angels were awaiting reinforcements before they could move against the 409th again. That and the Chapter Master still wasn’t talking to him… Some people hold grudges for far to long…

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