Orkz on parade

Bifur here…New year, new army? No thanks, for me it’s going to be new year, try and finish an army I’ve been collecting for about twenty years… oh gods, I’m so old…

Anyway, as some of you should know from previous postings, I do love my Deathskull Orks;  I think the fluff is so Orky, thieving scavengers who cobble together bitz and pieces from all over to place to make bigger, better and (most importantly shootier) 40K Ork Deathskull Nobvehicles and gunz. They’re just as brutal as the Goffs, but without the boring colour scheme. They’re just as quick as the Evil Sunz, but with better gunz. They’ve got just as much gubbinz as the Bad Moons, mostly because they’ve stolen it from them. That’s right : Nothing. Orks definitely suit my collecting style (random), my painting style (slightly ham-fisted) and my play style (“See all those guys over there hiding in that well fortified trench network? CHAAARRRRGGEEEE!!!”)

So I sorted through the multitude of boxes in which my Ork miniatures were spread amongst and laid them out to see what I had, what I needed and what needed painting (and in a distressingly large amount of cases, repairing). Here they are:

40K Ork Deathskull whole army

All da boyz

A few things struck me:.

1 – I need more Boyz (who doesn’t, eh?)

2 – I have less painting to do than I thought. A lot of my models are painted to at least a half decent 2 foot table standard. Yeah, they could do with touching up (or in some cases re painting completely, alright, a lot of cases…) but the task is nowhere near as mammoth as I first feared

3 – In my younger years I was obsessed with basing things with a desert world motif… I blame GorkaMorka.

I have a few modelling experiments planned for the near future. Notice those two odd looking planes in the back of the first photo? Yeah,you got it – World war two bomber to convert into an Orky bomma  and … a freaking X-wing to make into a Fighta!!! OK its not a completely original idea (check out this one or this one, massive props to these guys…) but I think its going to be fun (“come to the green side my son…we have choppas!”, “Do not underestimate the power of the WAAAAAAGGHH!!” and other Star Wars based sayings)

Included for the sake of me showing off a bit are a clutch of detail photos of stuff which I  painted most recently…

Stay tuned for more modelling projects, painting attempts and (with luck) some actual games with the army all approached with my typical budget attitude…

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