Drunken gaming day…

From the nimble fingers and less nimble mind of Dwalin Weissbeerson Espressoshield III… a bunch of stuff written to amuse and, most likely, bemuse.


Guys and Dolls of the internet lands; s’up.

A few weeks of event for Bif and I, and this means a few posts will be finding there way into your eyeballs.

First we’ve partaken in a heady amount of our first all-grain homebrew; it’s good. Read about how we made it, how we got there, and the fuck ups along the way over in our brewdyssey series; it’s the second chapter… cos you know, we’re geeks and so everything’s linked to some kind of nerdy-ass fantasy adventure.

Speaking of which….

We’ve embraced Age of Sigmar; Games Workshop’s recent foray into pissing off seasoned gamers and re-marketing (read, destroying) a beloved game to attempt to make fuck loads more cash. If you’ve not read our review (well, Bif’s review) go do that now; we’re really disparaging of it at first, but when we realise it’s not Warhammer we have a lot more fun with it; it’s still not perfect, but it’s open to tweaking. Which is what we’re doing as we’ve decided we’re going to run a narrative campaign in the system; first game of which was played a couple of days a go; Bif has written an incredible battle report that you should definitely go and read… We also played the Blood Bowl team manager card game; no doubt a review of that is coming soon (short review: awesome).

Sticking with fantasy crap; I wandered into a place called the kindness offensive the other day; a cool little free book shop in the Islington/Camden area. A bunch of similar free book shops had appeared a couple of years earlier, all over London, and they were cool but this one… well this one had something I’d never thought I’d get my hands on again.

I hear you cry, ‘oh Dwalin, why leave us in suspense… ‘

I won’t folks… I won’t.

Wandering over to the sci-fi/Fantasy section my eyes immediately were drawn to about 40 fighting fantasy books… my giddy little heart flickered as in flooded a torrent of vivid memories of finding such joy, as a child, in collecting these (normally found at car boot sales) and playing them for days on end, generally with snow/rain lashing the outside world. I had to grab a load.

The main ones I remembered were there; ‘Warlock Of Firetop Moutain’, ‘Deathtrap Dungeon’ and a bunch more. There were ones I didn’t remember. The there was the ‘Sorcery!’ series; I had not had this as a kid, but oh my word, did I want it.

….AND SO friends, and internet based peoples, I’m going to try to conquer the solo adventure of ‘Sorcery!’ from start to finish and I’m going to let you know of my exploits; why? Well, I guess there’re a few reasons; the main one is that I want to have a bit of a fight back against solo gaming being only the realm of the computerised. There is such a strange giddy, otherworldly, excitement to fighting fantasy books; I’m not sure it’s something that can be captured by computer games.

I wrote a Star Trekkin’ recently where I discussed books vs Kindles (by way of a character that loved books); this is just an extension of that.

You want more reasons? Wellllll… RPGing is fun and in lieu of Bif and I being able to get one going with some folks this is a nice stop gap; I get to reminisce and laugh about things; I get to record the different times I’ve played this and thus create more of a construction of narrative; I work night shifts and I love the idea of playing this at 3am and then regailing you with how my sleep deprived state started hallucinating real monsters….

I’ll stop there.. I’m sure throughout my exploits I’ll throw more poncy pseudo-philo BS your way; it’s what I do….


Freud judges those who do not try it solo…

* ps: I’m off to watch some Trek now, so slash off your eyelids and ensure you’re ready for more Star Trekkin’ soon

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