The Brew-dyssey continues.

Into the unknown we plunge; like Odysseus thrown into the absurd by the will of deities, grasping at the fibres of his fight against peril, we must pull with all our convictions to make our way through… OUR BREWDYSSEY!!!

Well folks, we’ve been lax in keeping you updated on this. What with Stompas, sigmars, deadzones and star treks… well, you get the picture.


When you last joined us on our quest for beer-vana, brewfection, whatever portmanteau you will, we had a very foamy bottle of fermenting beer…

What was the outcome? It was beer, it was good. We named it Beefenbrau (have we said this already?)… why was it called beefenbrau:

Dwalin: Dude, there’s a weird fatty sheen to the top of the wort there

Bif: hmm.. yeah there is..

Dwalin: Did we definitely clean this pan properly?

Bif: Yeah.. I think so.

Dwalin: Seriously Bif… if that’s like Beef fat in there..

Bif: It’s fine, it’ll taste a bit Beefy.

Dwalin: I do like beef…

Bif: Yeah.. It can be our own style… BEEFENBRAU!

Bif and Dwalin: HAHAHAHHAHA, we’re so great, so smart, so funny, HAHAHAHAHHA. Go Us *here we high five each other perfectly and the earth shakes *

Well that’s, you know, a close approximation of what happened…

So any way, the Beefenbrau inspired us; it was successful but we wanted another go and, we decided, we wanted to make it bigger. Thicker. Hoppier.

So with that we set to performing the same extract brew but, well, we added more stuff. We also split the output into three separate fermentors and treated each slightly differently. We dry hopped one, threw some sugar in another and left one as a point of reference… What was the outcome? Three beers that tasted slightly different.

The dry hopped was our favourite; a good nose, delicious taste. Win.

The control batch was good, but a little too sweet…

The one with sugar added was… lacklustre. We need more practice before we try doing things like Belgian brew masters.

I can hear you all crying …Wait Dwalin, what are you doing? Your posts are normally lengthy, explanatory, explorative and confoundingly overzealous (Bif – I think those may be tears of joy…). Why is this post so short? So quick? So lacklustre in your description of the zany processes you an Bif happen to go through?

Here’s my answer to you, glorious readership… this was ages ago and it was a lot of fun, and was the next rung on the ladder leading us to our final crowning as brew heroes, but what came next was a much bigger step and one that most things online happen to mystify like some kind of arcane magic lore only attainable by the greatest… WE WENT ALL GRAIN!

Yes friends; prepare for the next instalment, cos shits gonna get more ghetto, more grainy and a fuck load more beery!

I’ll leave you with some images of the beefenbrau (yes we made ghetto labels for this, go us!) to get you in the mood…..admin-ajaxwpid-wp-1440836194470.jpg


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