From the quill of Bifurgacheffe Stoutdrunkson of the mines of IPA, scratches into this digital format for your delectation and criticism…

Done! Well, mostly. I’ve finally finished painting the Stompa, all it needs now is a coat of varnish and it’s ready to hit the table and stomp all over some puny Guardsmen.

Trying to stay true to my Deatskull Loota roots I’ve tried to include bits and pieces from my other armies. A weapon or two from the Tau, an armour plate from the Ultramarines and for some reason a WWII German artillery piece. The idea will be to add more as it takes part in battles and collects trophies.That is assuming it doesn’t just get wrecked over and over again as it attracts all of the fire from every army it ever faces…oh the joy of optimism…

Now for my next project…

wpid-wp-1440615466828.jpg wpid-wp-1440615463113.jpg wpid-wp-1440615459309.jpg wpid-wp-1440615455449.jpg wpid-wp-1440615447793.jpg

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