From the quill of Bifurgacheffe Stoutdrunkson of the mines of IPA, scratches into this digital format for your delectation and criticism…

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, for a long time now I have wanted a Stompa for my Ork horde (We’ve all got to have dream, right?), but as I’m sure you are all aware Stompas are expensive and I am poor.

As such my go to method of procurement is to try making my own, so over the last  year or so I collected lots of bits and pieces and constructed my Stompa. As you can see from the below photos the majority of the body is created from an official Games Workshop Stompa body (which I’d managed to get from eBay for cheap because someone had done a bizarre hack job on it)  to which I added head, arms and various bits of armour and weapons made from scrap and bitz, all very Deathskullz (which is fortuitous, as that is the Clan I collect).

Now begins the painting process, spray undercoat of black and a heavy drybrushDSC_0497 of silver to start, nice and easy.This is easily the biggest model I have ever painted and one I’ve put a lot of work into the conversion / construction, so at this point I decided to share at least the painting process with you lovely internet based boys and girls.Obviously at this point various technical issues meant I ended up with just one photo to show for the initial stage but as i get further in the painting I’ll post more pictures.

As I am chronicling this little project please feel free to comment and criticise on what you’re seeing, but also feel free to throw some ideas or tips in the mix as well….

P.S – The bottle you can see in the background is my latest creation,Nettle wine. A quick review you say? Ok. Don’t bother. A lot of fucking about for a return of a gallon of wine that,while pleasingly alcoholic, tastes like dead Squigs soaked in Goblin spit…

2 responses to “STOMPA!!!

  1. I’ve seen this beast of a construct and am extremely excited to watch it develop further! Good work bif!

    That nettle wine was a tad ‘rough’…


  2. Haha nettle wine! My memories of nettles are not good ones. However anyone wine is a good one if you drink copious amounts of it. As for the Stompa awesome job. It’s big enough and ugly enough (in a good way) to be deadly on the battlefield.


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