Big Saturday

Good morn’ gents and ladies…

Im currently stood in a fairly chilly street on a fairly gray day waiting for the ever excellent transport for London to whisk me off my feet and deliver me at the door of biffyrgacheffe… Wait.. There’s a bus… Its the bus I need annnnnd

Im on.

So, im on a fairly warm bus waiting for it to deliver me to bifurgacheffe’s. For why? For today I a big day.

Firstly, the brew-dyssey’s first brew is to be bottled today. Thats right folks; in around two weeks we shall be ready to quaff the fruits of our labours. We’ve already learned a lot about the basics and, in the days since starting the initial processes for the grog, we have read a lot… That desire to learn more has kicked in. As such we already know what to do differently next time… Not to say that this brew shouldn’t be drinkable. Stay tuned for next official brew-dyssey installments…

So the second reason. Well, its coffee festival London this weekend and as you know we like coffee (look at this star trekkin’ and this battle report, along with our twit page /@freudjudges if you need confirmation) so we’re headed down today to get stuck in to the finest coffee esteemed roasters, water filterers, killer baristas and expensive machines can throw our way.

There should be a shed load of cool things for us to do ( the worlds longest cupping table, some guidance on brewing better coffee are advertised, buy I would love to pull some espresso on a machine I cant afford if its possible). We’re hoping to check in at ‘the lab’ to see what off the wall experiments are taking place, as well as hearing some lectures on anything that inspires.

Then there’s coffee masters- it’ll be nifty to see some of the worlds greatest battle it out to be crowned a king of all that is coffee.

We’ll endeavor to get some posts up as soon as possible, bottling may be a couple of days but should be getting at least a little bit going sooner for the coffee fest. Want to inspire you to go tomorrow after all!

Also, latch on to our twitter for those little morsels we will definitely be uploading as our little bearded skulls overload with good times and caffeine. Its, as said already, Hell I might even see if I can coerce Bif into pouring latte art without him murdering me… Pics of either eventuality WILL be posted.

Stay tuned as Sigmund Freud judges pretension, addiction and delectation at the London coffee festival 2015!



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