To boldly go where… you went when you were a kid

Greetings and salutations from you friend Dwalin Weisbeerson Espressoshield III .
A number of weeks ago I decided it was time…
Time to revisit a future I had last inhabited in my past…
Time to boldly go where no man (well, figuratively no man) has gone before…
Do I need to explain what that means? Is the quote not so synonymous with the reference point that all know what I’m talking about?
If not I shall put you out of your misery now; I’m talking about Star Trek.
That’s right, I’m watching Star Trek again.
I don’t mean this in an ‘I stopped watching star trek consciously as I feel I’ve developed beyond an infantile love of the show, and have not seen an episode or movie since I was a child but I’ve decided to go back on this decision as I’ve reached a stage where I once more feel it’s ok to watch Star Trek’ kind of way… no I mean this in a ‘I really need to watch every single episode of Star Trek because I FUCKING LOVE STAR TREK’ kind of way.
Granted, I hadn’t watched Star Trek AVIDLY since I was a kid, I don’t think I’ve seen an episode since the Enterprise pilot (which I didn’t dig). Over the last few years I’ve watched the films again, seen the first of the rebooted TOS films (thought it was great, thank you very much) and engaged (punpunpun) in nerdtacular conversation about my love of the Trek.  I have the Ferengi rules of acquisition around the flat somewhere and I’ve even taught people how to say ‘where is the chocolate’  in Klingon; go me (It’s Nuq daq yuj da’pol BTW).
I dig the Trek; I dig the mythology, I dig the philosophy. I dig it all.
So, inspired by a recent gift of all of the films on dvd (and a pretty sweet Trek watch ), I set myself a challenge: watch every Star Trek episode/film , inclusive of all official subsidiary series (apart from Enterprise- see above) just, you know, to re-remember  how much I enthused about this show, and to really explore my current feelings towards it utilising an honest adult judgement; will I still reaaaaalllly FUCKING LOVE STAR TREK. (*spoiler, yes I do)
I didn’t know how to undertake such a task, my main quandary being the question of how to watch the series that begin to intertwine in terms of fictional date (TNG, DS9, Voyager, movies)- is there a precedent? Should I watch a block of series and then another? Do I watch films between series, or do I watch them at the end of a season? What do I do?… and then it struck me THE INTERNET!
I knew I would not be the first (nor the last) to enter into such an undertaking, and I wanted to know- what was the optimum order for watching every Trek episode? I knew I wanted something that was following, as best as possible, star date; I wanted a chronology that worked.
A brief flick across the keys and I found this:
I knew this was the one, and I commenced…
 A couple of weeks later and discussions about this blog continue between myself and Bifurgacheffe and the thought strikes me; I’m watching every Trek from the beginning in star date chronological order, this is something that I need to commemorate. This is an adventure that requires recording for the posterity of humankind… or, you know, it’d be kind of fun to write about episodes and the challenge as and when it happens. Thankfully for me Mr Stoutsdrunken agrees, particularly as serendipity had struck and Leonard Nimoy unfortunately passed away a few weeks after I started; it seems like a fitting way to commemorate his passing.
So prepare for an irregularly regular series of posts that will thrill, spill amuse and bemuse as Sigmund Freud lays judgement at the sliding doors of the USS Enterprise, ‘cos Leanord Nimoy is living long and prospering, and we be star trekking across the universe son!

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