Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Good day and good morrow to one and all!

We are finally a live blog, we are an internet thing that can be viewed upon computer things by human things (my phone wanted to autocorrect human to hyman there); jubilant moments are ours for the collective undertaking, so long as the noöspherical moments are enough to constitute a moment in your mind! If not then jubilant moments are for the undertaking of myself and master stoutsdrunkson. You  can just read about them.

(Or print them out and use them as the basis for paper aeroplanes, or toilet roll.. Other suggestions? You may comment below.)

So what is this post all about? 

Now is the evening before bifurcheffe and myself coalesce for our monthly day of gaming; in other words, tomorrow is the day this blog was created for- we will be waging war in the 41st millenium, potentially playing some other  tabletop games, drinking (good) coffee, drinking (good) beer and ruminating pretentiously about the merits of all of the above. We shall then immortalise our nerdy endeavours (ennerdeavours?) on these hallowed pages.

Its going to be exceptional! 

So a little background- I’m yet to win a game of 40k against bifurcheffe (played two games, both of which I fielded an imperial guard army against firstly some space marines and secondly some orks) so a lot is at stake for me tomorrow. 

Although…… The last day we came together we played two games we had never played (zombies!!! [twilight creations] and deadzone [mantic games]) and I won both.  maybe I can hold my own? 

We shall see what tomorrow brings…. 

One thing I can be sure of.

Tomorrow is going to be a fuck load of fun!

(s)igmund (f)reud is definitely (j)udging (y)ou

Or he’s judging me anyway…

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