Welcome one and all to the inaugural post to ‘Sigmund Freud Is Judging You!’; this initiative is presented to inform you that if you are here looking for anything related to the realms of Ego, Superego or Id you have most definitely come to the right place, unless you’re looking for explicit discussion of such concepts as in actuality the theme for this blog is, and this is potentially in the most succinct manner I can put it at the moment, ‘shit’.

Of course the use of that term is figurative, you are not about to read a blog that has been created to examine and dissect faecal matter (although I’m not promising that won’t happen at some point) but rather a blog that is ‘two oddball blobs of humanity discussing in various lengths, and details, projections, moments and other assorted detritus related to living their particular lives’.

With this focus defined for yourselves and ourselves it perhaps is worthwhile to list some of the things we plan on discussing:

  • War Gaming
  • Board Gaming
  • Heavy metal music
  • Coffee
  • Beer

If those things don’t appeal to you I’m afraid to say that perhaps this blog is not going to be for you; I’m terribly sorry for wasting your time.

If those things do appeal to you, welcome. You have found a blog that in it’s aim seeks to allow us to discuss things we find brings value, and enjoyment, to our lives. The above list is not exhaustive, but I think it is a nice encapsulation of the kind of stuff to expect.

There is one rule, however, and that is we never take this all too seriously; we know that, when we spend 4 hours playing a game intermittently discussing the citrussy taste that jumps around our tongues as we sip our craft beer, we are being (and I hope you don’t take offence to this as it is not intended to do so) twats. That’s the fun of all of this, being a twat is an intrinsic part of life, we know we enjoy these things (despite our better judgement) and we will be unapologetic- we may take the piss out of ourselves, but that does not mean we are ashamed.

I hope that rides with you.



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